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  • Myrtillocactus geometrizans “Elite Crest”

    (Crested Whortleberry Cactus)

    Stunning, slow-growing, densely crested cactus. Bluish in full sun. Tends not to bloom or set fruit as much as the non-crested species.

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  • Euphorbia cylindrifolia ssp. tuberifera x didiereoides

    Thin tubular stems, very spiny. Narrow green leaves cluster at the tips of each stem.

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  • Mixed Succulent Pots

    These are all individually handmade mixed pots and planters using a range of succulents and pots, some handmade! Some for indoor! Many for outdoor.

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  • Leucadendron “Safari Sunset”

    (Red Conebush)

    Evergreen Shrub

    Very vibrant red bracts that surround the central yellow and red cone flower on vigorous long stems. Flowers are great for cuttings and drying.

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  • Dudleya lanceolata

    (Lance-leaf Liveforever)

    Clumping rosettes up to 12″d., can be found along the California coast as far north as coastal as far north as Año Nuevo.

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  • Echeveria agavoides

    Stemless rosettes to 8″; variable often with red tips

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  • Schlumbergera orssichiana x truncata

    (Christmas Cactus)

    Christmas Cactus will bloom for up to 2 months in the winter. A jungle cactus that grows in trees – needs bright indirect sun, or dappled light

    Tips to get your Christmas Cactus to re-bloom every year:
    1. August, September and into October: Use bloom food every time you water
    2. September and October: 14 hours of darkness, with 8-10 hours of indirect light every day
    3. November and December: bring out to bright indirect light and watch it bloom!


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  • Aloe mudenensis hybrid

    Clump-forming large rosettes, red in full sun, thick juicy leaves

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  • Dorstenia gigas


    Large 2ft. caudex. Grows on cliffs. Rare. Prefers to be a little more moist in Winter

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  • Succulent Wreath

    These are all individually handmade wreaths.

    Available for pickup, delivery or shipping, generally in November and December, and sometimes into Spring.

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    Call for information (510) 558-8650


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  • Polaskia chichipe


    Chartreuse night-flowers, edible “chichituna” red fruit. Branchy to15ft.

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  • Agave “Moonshine”

    (Moonshine Agave)

    2ft. Clumping rosettes with smooth, blue-green leaves and red edges.


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  • Sedum “Carnea”

    (Pacific Stonecrop)

    S. spathulifolium “Carnea”

    Fast growing hybrid groundcover; silver rosettes

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  • Jovibarba sobolifera

    (Rolling Hens and Chicks)

    2″ rosettes, various shades of chartreuse/green with a bit of red edging. Rounded rosettes pop off and go traveling.

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  • Mangave “Moonglow”

    Manfreda x Agave

    Soft silvery-blue-green and purple spotted leaves. Rosettes to 18″ wide.


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  • Dinosaur Planter

    Porcelain Planter

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