New this Month

  • Echidnopsis cereiformis

    Small, lumpy stapeliad (Asclepiadoideae) with tiny flowers vary from yellow to burgundy. Trailing stems.

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  • Sarcocaulon vanderietiae

    Monsonia vanderietiae

    Small shrubby, spiny plant in the Geranium Family (Geranaceae). Light pink flowers. Grows low and wide to 12″ tall. Summer dormant. Water weekly when growing, less when dormant.


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  • Aeonium “Fiesta”

    Dense clumps of brightly colored variegated green, yellow, and red rosettes with a blush color spreading along the edges with more sun. Yellow flowers.

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  • Gymnocalycium baldianum

    (Dwarf Chin Cactus)

    Clusters of small pink-flowering barrel to 4″dia.


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  • Sempervivum “Peggy”

    (Hens and Chicks)

    Brightly colored hybrid alpine groundcover succulent



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  • Opuntia “Sparkles”

    (Prickly Pear)

    O. polyacantha var. hystricina, O. utahensis

    Low growing, spreading prickly-pear cactus. Purple spots develop in cold weather. Brilliant carmine-pink flowers spring through summer.


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  • Haworthia coarctata

    Also Haworthiopsis coarctata

    Narrow and upright spotted leaves with pointed tips. 1½” rosettes elongate to 6″ tall. Freely pups at base; shade tolerant. Readliy hybridizes.



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  • Opuntia santa-rita “Tubac”

    (Purple Prickly Pear)

    Large round pads covered in glochids, blue-grey in summer turn purple in cold. Yellow flowers.



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  • Echeveria “Green Pearl”

    6″ rosettes w/cupped blue-green leaves


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  • Aloe humilis hybrid

    (Spider Aloe)

    Small, thick-leaved stemless aloe; dense clusters


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      New Cactus Garden, Marin

      We planted a new planter bed with a lot of really big cactus in Marin – we do have a store there now! I see a spectacular San Pedro and some gorgeous blooming grandiflora hybrids too. Nice! And here is Cris! And here the team is wearing Tyvek suits to prune the prickly pear. Glochids!… Read more »

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      Artichoke Cactus

      It’s the ever fascinating Obregonia denegrii native to Mexico, in the state of Tamaulipas. Also known as peyotl.

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      Hedgehog Cactus Flowers

      It’s some giant Echinocereus flowers! Hap thinks it’s E. enneacanthus. Maybe! It’s a very hardy cactus, growing in the upper reaches of New Mexico.

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