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  • Agave “Cherry Swizzle”

    (Butterfly Agave)

    A. potatorum “Cherry Swizzle”

    Large, solitary rosettes, open blue leaves with stunning colorful twisty terminal spines.



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  • Avonia herreana

    Anacampseros herreana

    Tiny caudiciform, many branches covered practically solid in white “leaves”. Rare and hard to grow. Light roots, water lightly. Small yellow flowers. Keep dry in winter.

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  • Agave “Snow Glow”

    Variegated cultivar of Agave “Blue Glow”. Slow growing, wide leaves. Generally solitary.



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  • Euphorbia milii

    (Crown of Thorns)

    Shrubby, height varies; large green leaves, thorny branches

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  • Haworthia cooperi v. truncata

    Small 3″ rosettes, round-tipped leaves, blue-green with windowed tops. They prefer very bright light, but little direct sun. Forms tight clusters.

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  • Aloe castilloniae

    Cute spiny rosettes, dark burgundy colored in full sun. Orange flowers. Sprawling clusters, low to the ground.

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  • Agave “Ikari Raijin Nishiki”

    (Variegated Butterfly Agave)

    Solitary rosette with strong white leaf-edge variegation and red terminal spines. Small rosettes to 24″.



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  • Jatropha berlandieri


    Round white caudex, stems to 12″h.; flowers Feb-Nov
    Dormant in winter – No water

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  • Echeveria magnifica

    Large grey-pink with hints of purple leaves on a short stalk.

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  • Mangave “Silver Fox”

    Agave x Manfreda Hybrid, PP29642

    Thick arching blue green leaves freckled with purple spots. In full sun the leaves’ waxy coating will look silver, less pronounced with part sun. Great in containers. Deer resistant.

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  • Kalanchoe “Fantastic”

    K. thyrsiflora “Fantastic”

    Large hybrid multi-colored paddle leaves


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Snake Head

Aloe peglerae snake head bloom stalk starting to make its way up!

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Rose Mink

It’s Protea blooming season, so that’s a very good time of year. Right now! Blooming! Protea “Rose Mink” Common Name: Greyleaf SugarbushOrigin: South Africa P. laurifolia “Rose Mink”Evergreen Shrub Large pink flowers appear in mid-winter, with fine black and white hairs. grey-green leaves. Do not fertilize. Temperature: Hardy to 25°F Sun: Full Sun

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Cape Aloe

Aloe ferox starting to bloom! Origin: South Africa Description: Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft. Temperature: Hardy to 20-25F Full Sun to Part Sun

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