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Agapetes serpens
Agapetes “Ludgvan Cross”
Alocasia “Dwarf Amazonica”- Elephant Ears

alternanthera_burgundy-threads2Alternanthera “Burgundy Threads”

Alternanthera “Bronze”
Alternanthera “Chartreuse”
Alternanthera “Green”
Alternanthera “Little Ruby”
Alternanthera “Party Time”
Alternanthera “Red Carpet”
Alternanthera “Red Threads”
Alternanthera “Snowball”
Alternanthera “Thin Gold”
Alternanthera “Yellow”
Alternanthera “Variegata”
Begonia Angelwing
Begonia Rex

Calathea – Prayer Plants
Calathea concinna – Prayer Plant
Calathea lancifolia – Rattlesnake Plant
Calathea “Medallion”
Calathea ornata – Pin-Stripe Plant
Calathea rufibarba – Fuzzy Feather
Carica papaya – Papaya Tree
Chamaedorea seifrizii – Bamboo Palm
Cissus discolor

cyclamenCyclamen (mini cultivars)

Dieffenbachia “Camille”
Dieffenbachia “Tropic Marianne”

Dracaena “Compacta”
Dracaena fragrans – Chinese Money Tree
Dracaena “Lemon Lime”
Dracaena “Lisa”
Dracaena marginata – Dragon Tree
D. marginata “Bicolor”
D. marginata “Colorama”
D. marginata “Sunray””
D. marginata “Tricolor”
Dracaena “Magenta”

Dracaena “Massangeana”
Dracaena “Pele”
Dracaena steudneri “Sol”
Dracaena “Sunray”
Dracaena “Tarzan”

Ficus altissima
Ficus altissima “Variegata”
Ficus “Audrey”
Ficus decora/elastica – Rubber Plant
Ficus “Belize”

Ficus “Burgundy”
Ficus “Ruby”

Ficus “Tineke”

Ficus “Sylvie”
Ficus “Variegata”

ficus_lyrata_little_fiddleFicus lyrata “Little Fiddle”

Ficus lyrata
Ficus lyrata “Little Sunshine”
Ficus pumila “Variegata” – Variegated Creeping Fig

Fittonia argyroneura nana – Silver Nerve Plant
Fittonia albivenis –Nerve Plant

gynura_aurantiaca_purple_passion_plantGynura aurantiaca – Purple Passion Plant


Hypoestes – Polka Dot Plant

Helichrysum petiolare – Licorice Plant

impatiens_niamniamensis_congo_cockatoo3Impatiens niamniamensis “Hare’s Hybrid”
Impatiens niamniamensis “Congo Cockatoo”
Impatiens niamniamensis “Blue Diamond”
Iresine “Brilliantissima”

iresine_herbstii_redIresine herbstii “Red” – Bloodleaf
Iresine herbstii “Yellow” – Chicken Gizzard

lycopodium_squarrosumLycopodium squarrosum – Tassel Fern
Lysimachia nummularia ‘Goldilocks’ – Creeping Jenny or Moneywort

manettia_luteo_candy_corn_firecracker_plantManettia luteo, M. luteorubra or M. bicolor- Candy Corn Plant, Firecracker Plant

calatheasMaranta – Prayer Plants

Medinilla myriantha – Malaysian Orchid
Medinilla cummingii – Chandelier Tree
Medinilla scortechinii – Orange Spike

Mitriostigma axillare – African Gardenia

Moss – Live Mosses
Live Sphagnum Moss
Live Mood Moss
Live Sheet Moss

Papaya “Hawaii”

pellionia_daveauana_rainbow-vinePellionia daveauana – Trailing Watermelon Vine

peperomia_argyreiaPeperomia argyreia – Watermelon Peperomia


Peperomia caperata “Red”

Peperomia “Cupid”
Peperomia glabella – Cypress Peperomia
Peperomia obtusifolia
Peperomia pereskiifolia

peperomia_pixie_limePeperomia “Pixie Lime”
Peperomia “Rosso”
Peperomia rotundifolia
Peperomia scandens

peperomia_scandens_variegataPeperomia scandens “Variegata”

Peperomia trinervula
Philodendron “Congo”
Philodendron cordatum “Brazil”
Philodendron “Lemon Lime”
Philodendron micans (P. hederaceum v. micans)
Philodendron “Narrow”

pilea-cadiereipilea_cadiereiPilea cadierei – Aluminum Plant

pilea_depressaPilea depressa – Baby’s Tears


Pilea glauca – Silver Sprinkles

pilea_friendshippilea_friendship2Pilea involucrata “Friendship” – Friendship Plant
Pilea involucrata “Moon Valley” – Friendship Plant
Pilea microphylla – Artillery Plant
Pilea peperomioides – Chinese Money Plant

pilea_spruceana_silver_treePilea spruceana – Silver Tree

Plectranthus amboinicus – Cuban Oregano

plectranthus_australis_swedish_ivyPlectranthus australis – Swedish Ivy
Plectranthus ciliatus – Spur Flower

plectranthus_madagascariensis_mintleafPlectranthus madagascariensis – Mintleaf

Plectranthus coleoides “Marginata” – Swedish Ivy
Plectranthus coleoides “Variegata” – Swedish Ivy
Plectranthus hilliardiae ‘Red’ – Candle Plant
Plectranthus neochilus variegated – Dwarf Spur Flower
Plectranthus purpuratus – Purple Swedish Ivy
Plectranthus strigosus – Dwarf Spurflower
Plectranthus “Tiny Toes” – Coleus
Plectranthus tomentosa
Plectranthus verticillatus – Swedish Ivy

Pothos Picta Satin – Scindapsus pictus (Satin Pothos)
Pothos “N’ Joy”


Saintpaulia (mini cultivars) – African Violet


Sagina subulata Irish Moss and Sagina subulata aurea Scotch Moss

Saxafriga stolonifera variegata – Variegated Strawberry Begonia
Selaginella – Club Moss
Selaginella kraussiana
Selaginella kraussiana “Aurea”
Selaginella martensii “Jori”
Selaginella pallescens
Selaginella uncinata – Rainbow Moss

soleirolia_soleirolii_babys_tearsSoleirolia soleirolii – Baby’s Tears

Stictocardia macalusoi – African Morning Glory
Strelitzia reginae
Streptocarpella saxorum – Cape Primrose

strobilanthes_dyerianusStrobilanthes dyerianus

Syngonium podophyllum “Mini Pixie” – Super Dwarf Butterfly Plant

talinum_limonTalinum “Limon”

Trachycarpus fortunei – Windmill Palm
Tradescantia sillamontana – White Velvet
Tradescantia “Purple Heart”tradescantia_tricolorTradescantia “Tricolor” – Boatlily
Tradescantia zebrina – Inchplant

Zamioculcus zamifolia – ZZ Plant


Asplenium ebenoides – Dragon’s Tail Fern
Asplenium trichomanes – Maidenhair Spleenwort
Adiantum capillus-veneris – Maidenhair Fern
Davallia trichomanoides – Squirrel’s Foot Fern
Humata tyermanii – Rabbit’s Foot Fern
Microsorum musifolium – Crocodyllus Fern
Platycerium alcicorne – Staghorn Fern


Platycerium bifurcatum – Staghorn Fern


Platycerium superbum – Staghorn Fern

Polypodium – Rabbit’s Foot, Bear Paw Ferns
Polypodium scouleri
Polystichum – Sword Fern


by genus – More Orchid Photos at bottom of this page – Keep scrolling!

Haemaria discolor – Jewel Orchid
Paphiopedalum – Lady Slipper

dendrobium_peachDendrobium “Peach”

phalaenopsis4Phalaenopsis – Moth Orchids

beallara_marfitch_howards_dreamMiltonia Orchid: Beallaria marfitch “Howard’s Dream”

phalaenopsisPhalaenopsis Orchid

phalaenopsis2Phalaenopsis Orchid

epidendrum_ibaguense2Epidendrum Orchid

miltoniaMiltonia Orchid

miltonidium_rosy_sunsetMiltonidium “Rosy Sunset”

oncidiumOncidium Orchid

oncidium_tsiku_margueriteOncidium “Tsiku Marguerite”

Oncidium “Twinkle Orchid”

oncostele_wildcatOncostele “Wildcat”

And many more

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